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James Lawrence Miller

Jim Miller was born in 1906 in Peru, Indiana. As a young man he dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but unfortunately found himself enrolled at Indiana University in 1929, the beginning of the Great Depression.

Undeterred by the economic hardships facing himself and his family, he worked his way through law school clerking for members of the Miami County Bar Association, and as an animal trainer for the Ringling Bros. Circus who maintained their Winter Headquarters in Peru, Indiana.

After several years of interrupted semesters while endeavoring to earn tuition, Jim graduated and successfully ran for election as Miami County Prosecutor, serving 2 terms.

Known for his energy and love of the law, Jim subsequently served in Washington D.C. on the staff of Senator Homer Capehart, the White House staff under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and completed his career in government as Assistant U.S. Attorney in Indianapolis in 1962. Jim practiced law in Indianapolis until his death in 1989.

Annalee Webb Miller

Mrs. Annalee Webb Miller, a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Indiana died on August 13, 1996. Mrs. Miller taught for 17 years at Shortridge High School retiring in 1958 as the head of the History Department. Her distinguished career as an educator has been widely acclaimed by many government community leaders. She was a sustaining member of the Indiana Historical Society and the Indiana Historical Foundation.

Mrs. Miller received her Bachelors Degree in History from Indiana University in 1930, where she was a member of Chi Omega Sorority. She subsequently received her Masters Degree in Education from Butler University of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mrs. Miller, during her lifetime as an active member in several civic and philanthropic organizations, served as President of the Indianapolis Propylaeum, an organization headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Membership is exclusively women who hold positions of civic and educational leadership in the Indianapolis community.

It was the goal of Mr. & Mrs. Miller to recognize law students who not only maintained an excellent scholastic record of performance but were also successful while working their way through law school.


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